Home-based personal care workers

Role Responsibilities

  • Scheduling and accompanying clients for appointments with medical doctors and other health professionals or performing other errands
  • Providing psychological support to clients such as through conversation or reading aloud
  • Positioning and lifting clients with physical mobility challenges, and helping transport them in wheelchairs and motor vehicles
  • Maintaining records of client care, changes in condition and responses to care and treatment, and reporting concerns or providing referrals to a health or social services professional
  • Planning, purchasing, preparing or serving meals to meet nutritional requirements and prescribed diets
  • Providing support to parents and care for newborns during the postpartum period
  • Maintaining clients' environmental hygiene standards, such as changing bed linen, washing clothes and dishes, and cleaning living quarters
  • Providing clients and families with emotional support, information and advice on topics such as nutrition, hygiene, exercise, caring for infants or adapting to disability or illness
  • Assisting clients with personal and therapeutic care needs such as personal hygiene, feeding, dressing, physical mobility and exercise, communication, taking oral medications and changing dressings, usually according to care plans established by a health professional

    Skill level