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  • 12th September 2019 -Plunket Nurses in New Zealand came to an agreement with the Ministry of Health and accepted the Pay Offer. The agreement fixed minimum wage at the living age levels and grants a 14-week parental leave to the nurses.  Check the Minimum Wage.
  • 12th September 2019 - The New Zealand Meat Workers Union and the deputy mayor of Wairoa object to Affco’s application to employ immigrants. According to the report, the objection arose out of 600 domiciles not having a job and the lack of prioritization thereof. Check your salary.
  • 5th September 2019 - Fonterra, the world’s largest exporter of Dairy products has frozen the pay and canceled the bonuses of a third of its employees in New Zealand. Officials say that these drastic measures have been taken to recover from the losses incurred last year in order to bring the company back on track. Check your salary.


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